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General info

Official name: Republic of Croatia
Official language: Croatian
Alphabet: Latin
Currency: Kuna (100 lipa)
Population (1991.): 4,784,000
Number of islands: 1,185 (66 inhabited)
Capital Zagreb: (nearly 1 million inhabitants)
Time zone:GMT plus one hour (in summer two hours)
Total state area: 89,810 km2
Teritory area (land): 56,610 km2
Aquatorium area (internal sea line): 33,200 km2
Marine economy region (teritorial sea line): 23,870 km2
Total economy area: 113,680 km2
Coastline length: 5,835 km
Coastline length of mainland: 1,777 km
Coastline length of islands: 4,058 km
Belonging to the Middle-European and Mediterranean cultural and civilisation circle and tradition. Extremely rich and valuable cultural and historical heritage is pointing to a millenium old presence of Croatia in the area. The specific urban culture of coastal and island areas is easily seen in towns such as: Porec, Rovinj, Pula, Zadar, Sibenik, Hvar, Korcula and Ston, with Split (Diocletian's Palace) and Dubrovnik representing a part of the world cultural heritage under UNESCO protection.
Northern Croatia has a continental climate. Central, semimountainous and mountainous regions, as well as the entire Adriatic coast, have a Mediterranean climate. Spring and autumn are mild along the coast, while winter can be cold and snowy in central and northern regions.
Population & Religion
The majority of the population are Croats (Roman Catholics).
Official language & alphabet
Croatian language and Latin alphabet.

The official currency of the Republic of Croatia is the kuna (divided into 100 lipa).
Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices, post offices and at most tourist agencies, hotels and camping grounds. Banking hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays banks are open usually until 1 p.m. In the larger cities some banks are also open on Sundays. Credit cards: Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards (American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Sport Card International). Foreign citizens can get foreign currency back for unused kuna upon the presentation of an exchange receipt, but only in bank, when leaving Croatia. There are limits on the amount of Croatian currency that can be imported and exported.

Important telephone numbers
International dialling prefix for Croatia: +385
Ambulance 94
Fire-service 93
Police 92
Assistance on the roads 987
(If you are calling from outside of Croatia or using a mobile phone dial +3851 987)
General information 981
Information about local and district telephone numbers 988
Information about International telephone numbers 902
Weather forecast and road conditions 060 520 520
Croatia's auto club (HAK) 01 4640 800
There are two GSM networks in Croatia - CRONET and VIPNet (both operate on 90 MHz). Croatian GSM providers have a commercial arrangement with GSM operators in numerous countries around the world. Guest-users of GSM can get additional information of GSM services in Croatia contacting following operators on:
CRONET phone number +385 (0) 98 1212 and
VIPNet phone number +385 (0) 91 7700
Radio program
On the first channel of Croatian Radio, on 92.1 MHz, there are news in English every day at 08:30, 10:30, 14:30 and 20:30. On Sundays the first news begin at 09:30. On the second channel of Croatian Radio, on 98.5 MHz, from 1 July to 15 September, following the news in Croatian, there will be reports on Croatian road conditions in English, German and Italian broadcast by Croatian Automobile. Other than on Program of Croatian Radio, alternating news and traffic reports will be emitted every full hour from the following studios: Program 3 of Bavarian Radio, Program 3 of Austrian Radio, RAI Uno, British Virgin Radio and Chezch Radio. Throughout the day nautical news will be emitted in English and Croatian.
National holidays 2004

1 January - New Year's Day; 11 and 12 april - Easter, including Easter Monday; 1 May - Labour Day; 10 June - Corpus Christi (Movable feast); 22 June - Anti-Fascist Resistance Day; 25 June - Statehood Day; 5 August - Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day; 15 August - Assumption; 8 October - Independence Day; 1 November - All Saints' Day; 25 and 26 December - Christmas Holidays.

Medical service
During the stay in Dalmatia, tourists have a right to health care in the Public Health Centers (Dom zdravlja), out-patient clinics and hospitals. The prices are nominal and correspond to the prices for Croatian citizens. Visitors from the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Great Britain need to to bring only their passports with them. Tourists from other countries should be in a possession of the proper form in addition to their passports. Slovenian guests can use their health cards. For special treatment in private establishments, guests pay the same as locals.For patients whose lives are in danger, there is emergency transport by air(helicopter) or sea (speadboat).
Customs regulations
Customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia are in line with the standards of European Union countries. Foreign currency is freely brought in and taken out of the country (up to a value of 3.000 euros); up to a value of 15.000 kn for domestic currency. More expensive professional and technical equipment should be registered at the border. Dogs and cats, accompanied by their owner, need to have an International certificate from a registered veterinarian stating that at least 15 days and not more than six months have passed since their vaccination against rabies. Tax refund for goods purchased in Croatia over 500 kuna in value with a validated "Tax cheque" at departure from the country. Information: Republic of Croatia Customs Administration (tel 01 6102 333). Tourists making purchases in Croatia (apart from petroleum derivatives) which exceed 500 Kuna per receipt may reclaim VAT ("PDV"). At point of purchase the sales person will provide on request a form PDV-P, which should be filled out and stamped, on the spot. On leaving Croatia the receipt must be verified by the Croatian Customs service. A PDV refund in Kuna can be obtained within six months, either at the same shop where the goods were purchased (in which case the tax is refunded immediately), or by posting the verified receipt back to the shop, together with the account number into which the refund should be paid. In this case the refund is dealt with within 15 days of receipt of the claim.
Working hours
Shops and department stores are open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., or to 3 p.m. A smaller number of stores close between noon and 4 p.m. Many stores are also open on Sundays, especially in the summer, and a smaller number in the larger cities are open 24 hours a day. Public services and companies usually work from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
Entry documents required
Passport or some other form of identification is needed. Visitors can stay up to three months. Vehicle papers required are the registration booklet (automobile registration card), an international motor vehicle insurance certificate (a green card) and a valid drivers licence.
Electricity & water
220 V, 50 Hz. Tap water is drinkable throught Croatia.
Petrol & speed limits
Eurosuper 95, Eurosuper 98, Normal Lead Free 91, Super 98 and Diesel.
Open from 7am until 7pm or 8pm every day, and during the summer even until 10pm.There are also gas station that are open non-stop in the larger towns and along the mayor international highways. Speed limits 50km/h in inhabited areas, 80km/h outside inhabited areas (unless stated differently), 130km/h on highways. The maximum level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 parts per thousand.
Croatian angels
Number of tourist information for all of Croatia 062 999 999. International callers, dial: +385 62 999 999. This service is available in Croatian, English, German and Italian from the 1st of April until the 31th of October.
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